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College For All

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It is now commonplace to hear that we live in the age of finance, but for the vast majority of people in the United States and beyond, our era is experienced as the age of crushing debt. As a result of soaring education costs, unaffordable housing, bankruptcies from medical bills, usurious payday loans, and unpayable financial obligations from mass incarceration, household debt continues to spiral. Student debt alone stands at $1.6 trillion. Our students are graduating with an average of $30,000 in debt, and every year, there are 1.1 million new defaulters on those debts. Debt-financed higher education has taken a radically unequal toll on Black, Latinx and Native households because they hold just a fraction of the wealth of white households. Four years after graduating, the average loan balances of Black student debtors are more than double that of their white counterparts, due to discrepancies that can be traced to employment discrimination, racial wage gaps, and differentials in intergenerational wealth.

As educators, we know that debt-financed higher education has been a profound mistake, and also a relatively recent one. (Student debt was too insignificant to track in 1999.) By slashing funding to education, federal and state lawmakers shifted the burden to students and families, especially to those least able to afford it. Activists from the Occupy Student Debt Campaign to Strike Debt to Movement for Black Lives to the Debt Collective have been sounding the alarm and organizing around this issue for the last eight years. Indeed, the Debt Collective organized the first successful student debt strike in U.S. history, winning over $1 billion in debt discharge in a campaign with for-profit college debtors. Finally, politicians are listening.

In June 2019, lawmakers Ilhan Omar (D-MN), Pramila Jayapal (D-WA), and Bernie Sanders (D-VT) introduced the College for All act (with help from student debt strikers). The legislation would wipe out all $1.6 trillion in outstanding student debt for 45 million borrowers, eliminate tuition and fees at all public two-year and four-year colleges and universities, provide funding streams to Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Tribal Colleges, and make community colleges, trade schools, and apprenticeship programs tuition-and fee-free for all. These measures will be paid for by a financial transaction tax on Wall Street of the kind currently imposed by 40 countries around the world.

We see this legislation as a powerful first step in the process of reinvestment in quality public education. We know that subsequent steps will require the fight for state reinvestment, high quality and diverse curricula, robust research support, and the de-adjunctification of our workforce.

Research from the Levy Institute and the Roosevelt Institute shows that a full jubilee—an erasure of all student loans currently on the books—would not only be a substantial boost to GDP but also a significant narrowing of the racial wealth gap, and therefore a means to begin addressing the need for reparations in and through higher education. Far from a boon to the already-wealthy, the vast majority of the benefits of universal debt discharge would go to the bottom 20% of households. The largest impact, in proportion to household wealth, would be on Black and Latinx families and communities, and women in those communities in particular, who hold the disproportionate share of the debt load. In addition, a significant percentage of student debtors were defrauded by for-profit colleges (which intentionally target and exploit marginalized communities) and these students routinely carry high debt burdens, often without ever having graduated.

Rather than distinguish between “worthy” and “unworthy” debtors, or create a pecking order of who deserves more, less, or no relief, we applaud the fact that College for All is being proposed in the lineage of universal programs like Social Security and Medicare. While there are other policy options on the table, we strongly believe that universal programs are engines of popular solidarity that draw their power from uniting the most people under a single demand: education should be a right, not a privilege. A demand for universal student debt relief, alongside the proposal for tuition-free public college, unites tens of millions of people around a commonly shared idea. College for All, like Medicare for All, is a meaningful step toward de-financializing our basic social needs.

In other industrialized countries, higher education, like healthcare, is regarded as a public good and as a right, but in the U.S., it has been turned into an expensive commodity. Now is the time to reclaim the vocation of learning to which we have devoted our careers. College for All is the first serious step toward that goal we have seen in our lifetime.

We, the undersigned, stand in firm support of this bill and express our commitment to fight for its passage into law.

We pledge to form, or support, faculty-student pressure groups on our own campuses to actively promote the agenda of College for All, without regard to the outcome of the bill itself.

We pledge to actively support efforts by national political, educational or labor groups willing to fight for the agenda of College for All.

Initial Signers*

Melina Abdullah, Cal State LA

Hannah Appel, UCLA

Davarian Baldwin, Trinity College

Moustafa Bayoumi, Brooklyn College

Cristina Beltrán, New York University

Lauren Berlant, University of Chicago

Michael Berubé, Penn State University

Wendy Brown, UC Berkeley

George Caffentzis, University of Southern Maine

Craig Calhoun, Arizona State University

Hazel Carby, Yale University

Ben Carrington, University of Texas

Cathy Cohen, University of Chicago

Nathan Connolly, Johns Hopkins University

Kimberlé Crenshaw, UCLA

Teddy Cruz, UC San Diego

Michael Denning, Yale University

Richard Dienst, Rutgers University

Angela Dillard, University of Michigan

Lisa Duggan, New York University

Charlie Eaton, UC Merced

Grant Farred, Cornell University

Silvia Federici, Hofstra University

Hal Foster, Princeton University

Cynthia Franklin, University of Hawaii

Ruth Gilmore, CUNY Grad Center

David Goldberg, UC Irvine

Sara Goldrick-Rab, Temple University

Linda Gordon, New York University

Greg Grandin, Yale University

David Graeber, London School of Economics

Miriam Greenberg, UC Santa Cruz

Jack Halberstam, Columbia University

Michael Hanchard, University of Pennsylvania

Michael Hardt, Duke University

Walter Johnson, Harvard University

Cindi Katz, CUNY Grad Center

Kehaulani Kauanui, Wesleyan University

Robin Kelley, UCLA

Naomi Klein, Rutgers University

Amitava Kumar, Vassar College

Chenjerai Kumanyika, Rutgers University

Scott Kurashige, University of Washington, Bothell

David Lloyd, UC Riverside

Lisa Lowe, Yale University

Sunaina Maira, UC Davis

Curtis Marez, UC San Diego

Robert Meister, UC Santa Cruz

Anne McClintock, Princeton University

Fred Moten, New York University

Frances Negrón-Muntaner, Columbia University

Alondra Nelson, Institute of Advanced Study

Chris Newfield, UC Santa Barbara

Mae Ngai, Columbia University

Tavia Nyong’o, Yale University

Gary Okihiro, Yale University

Sherry Ortner, UCLA

David Palumbo-Liu, Stanford University

Constance Penley, UC Santa Barbara

Frances Piven, CUNY Grad Center

Jasbir Puar, Rutgers University

Barbara Ransby, University of Illinois, Chicago

Adolph Reed, University of Pennsylvania

Corey Robin, Brooklyn College

Bruce Robbins, Columbia University

Dylan Rodríguez, UC Riverside

David Roediger, University of Kansas

Ananya Roy, UCLA

Andrew Ross, New York University

Maria Josefina Saldaña-Portillo, New York University

Saskia Sassen, Columbia University

Joan Scott, Institute for Advanced Study

Richard Sennet, University College, London

Micol Siegel, Indiana University

Nikhil Singh, New York University

Shannon Speed, UCLA

Julie Sze, UC Davis

Neferti Tadiar, Barnard College

Keeanga Yahmatta Taylor, Princeton University

Eric Tang, University of Texas, Austin

Alan Wald, University of Michigan

Robert Warrior, University of Kansas

Jeffrey T. Williams, Carnegie-Mellon University

Mabel Wilson, Columbia University


david abraham, University of Miami

nate adams, University of Virginia

hector agredano, City University of New York

cesar aguilar, Northern Arizona University

samar al-bulushi, UC Irvine

yousuf al-bulushi, UC Irvine

anthony alessandrini, Kingsborough Community College-CUNY

mona ali, State University of New York at New Paltz

elizabeth alsop, City University of New York, School of Professional Studies

lalaie ameeriar, UCSB

nikhil anand, University of Pennsylvania

hannah andersen, Wayne State University

lynne andersson, Temple University, Fox School

elisabeth anker, George Washington University

sofya aptekar, UMass Boston

john archer, New York University

dina asfaha, University of Pennsylvania

jac asher, UC Berkeley

danielle aubert, Wayne State University

cristina bacchilega, Prof Dept of English, University of Hawaii-Manoa, Honolulu

david backer, West Chester University of PA

eleanor bader, Kingsborough Community College-CUNY

samuel bagenstos, University of Michigan

asli bali, UCLA

virgil balthrop, University of North Carolina

robert barnes, University of Oregon

barbara barnes, UC Berkeley

alexa barrett, Carlow University

alyssa battistoni, Harvard University

soha bayoumi, Harvard University

jean beaman, University of California, Santa Barbara

christopher beaudoin, Hampshire College

prof. becker, New York University

valerie bell, Kingsborough Community College

biba bell, Wayne State University

jaime berco, Kingsborough Community College

heather berg, Washington University

dan berger, University of Washington Bothell

matt berkman, Oberlin College

lauren berlant, University of Chicago

elizabeth berman, University of Michigan

catherine besteman, Colby College

tyler bickford, University of Pittsburgh

jess bier, Erasmus University Rotterdam

beth bingham, Pratt Institute

hunter bivens, UC Santa Cruz

robert blaisdell, Kingsborough Community College

renee blake, New York University

corinne blalock, Yale Law School

aaron bornstein, University of California, Irvine

darius bost, University of Utah

kai bosworth, Virginia Commonwealth University

michael bourdaghs, University of Chicago

philip bousquet, Formerly employed at Emory University, Santa Clara University, and University of Louisville

philip bousquet, Retired

ryan boyd, University of Southern California

wendy brandon, Rollins College

lisa brawley, Vassar College

robert brenner, UCLA

rose brewer, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

renate bridenthal, Brooklyn College, CUNY

prof. brier, CUNY Graduate Center

matt brim, College of Staten Island, CUNY

seth brodsky, University of Chicago

parker brookie, UNC Chapel Hill

adrienne brown, University of Chicago

adrienne brown, University of Chicago

barbara browning, New York Univeristy

maury bruhn, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

shelley buchbinder, Rutgers

michael burawoy, UC Berkeley

bruce burgett, University of Washington Bothell

ernesto bustillos, Pasadena City College

judith butler, University of California-Berkeley

amelia buttress, Johns Hopkins University

claire cahen, The Graduate Center at the City University of New York

emily callaci, University of Wisconsin-Madison

william callison, Lafayette College

maddie canel, Carlow University

joshua carlson, Carlow university

andré carrington, Drexel University

mystique cash, Carlow University

andrés castro, University of Massachusetts Boston

jessica cattelino, UCLA

max cavitch, University of Pennsylvania

nesrine chahine, TTU

amy chambless, Department of Romance Studies at UNC Chapel Hill

nandini chandra, University of Hawaii

christopher chase-dunn, university of california-riverside

zahid chaudhary, Princeton University

andrés chaves, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

eva cherniavsky, University of Washington, Seattle

sheetal chhabria, Connecticut College

sarah chinn, Hunter College, CUNY

olivia chodos, nyu

john christmas, University of Cal, Santa Cruz

shannan clark, Montclair State University

c. claus, American University

dana coen, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

ed cohen, Rutgers

michael cohen, University of California at Berkeley

yve cohen, The New School

daniel collier, Western Michigan University

john collins, CUNY - Queens College & Graduate Center

dalton conley, Princeton University

phillipe copeland, Boston University

tressie cottom, Virginia Commonwealth University

michael courtney, Wayne State University

catherine damman, Wesleyan University

keith danner, University of California, Irvine

belinda davis, Rutgers University

andrew davis, Seminole State College

ashley dawson, City University of New York

ashley dawson, City University of New York

alexander day, Occidental College

aparajita de, Kingsborough Community College

robin derosa, Plymouth State University

dipti desai, New York University

helen deutsch, U of California, Los Angeles

matthew devine, city university of new york

shirin deylami, Western Washington University

olympia diamantis, Abington Penn State University

sarah dillon, Kingsborough Community College, CUNY

elizabeth dillon, Northeastern University

marcy dinius, DePaul University

ryan doerfler, University of Chicago

jennifer donovan, Southwestern College

marton dornbach, Johns Hopkins University

david downing, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

helen doyle, Community College of Vermont

john drabinski, Amherst College

julia draper, Carlow University

jesse drew, University of California, Davis

lisa duggan, New York University

ian duncan, University of California, Berkeley

patricia dunmire, Kent State University

kathleen dunn, Pasadena City College

alessandro duranti, UCLA

brittney edmonds, University of Wisconsin, Madison

raimee eger, Carlow University

david eng, University of Pennsylvania

scot evans, Univesrity of Miami

hélène fays, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

meg feeley, Kingsborough Community College, CUNY

leah feldman, University of Chicago

leah feldman, University of Chicago

mark firmani, University of Pennsylvania

erin fisher, Rock Valley College

kent fisher, Columbus State Community College

jonathan flatley, Wayne State University

jason flato, GSU

claudio fogu, UCSB

katrina forrester, Harvard University

antoinette freitas, University of Hawaii

coco fusco, Cooper Union

megan gallagher, The University of Alabama

marcia gallo, UNLV

nicholas gamso, San Francisco Art Institute

shannon garland, UCLA

shannon garland, UCLA

santiago gesteira, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill

adom getachew, University of Chicago

adom getachew, University of Chicago

david gilbert, University of California, Berkeley

david gill, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

garrett gilmore, The University of Alabama

farah godrej, University of California, Riverside

andrew goldstein, NYU

amanda goldstein, UC Berkeley

yvette gonzalez, University of Utah

jessica gordon-nembhard, John Jay College

dayo gore, UC, San Diego

michael gorup, New College of Florida

steven gotzler, Carnege Mellon University

deborah gould, University of California, Santa Cruz

yogita goyal, UCLA

sandy grande, Connecticut College

maggie gray, NYU

maggie gray, Adelphi University

olivia greene, University of RI

maryam griffin, University of Washington Bothell

christopher grobe, Amherst College

thomas guglielmo, George Washington University

thomas guglielmo, George Washington University

hannah gurman, New York University

beverly guy-sheftall, Spelman College

elaine hadley, UChicago

lisa hajjar, University of California Santa Barbara

anna haley, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

sarah haley, UCLA

kathy hall, University of Pennsylvania

sherine hamdy, University of California Irvine

jessica hamlin, New York University

anna harrison, Loyola Marymount University

salah hassan, Michigan State University

brandon hawk, Rhode Island College

lyn hejinian, University of California, Berkeley

leslie hempson, Denison University

christopher hendrickson, National University

geraldine heng, University of Texas

tobias higbie, University of California, Los Angeles

alexander hirsch, University of Alaska

kenna hixenbaugh, Carlow University

judy hoffman, University of Chicago

esmé hogeveen, York University

morgan hoke, University of Pennsylvania

gary holcomb, Ohio University

jenny houdt, New Mexico Highlands University

jason houle, Dartmouth College

jason houle, Dartmouth College

katherine howard, Southwestern University

peter hudson, UCLA

alvaro huerta, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

sallie hughes, University of Miami

kathleen hulley, New York University

anneeth hundle, University of California, Irvine

leah hunt, Rutgers University

glenn hurlbert, Virginia Commonwealth University

amanda huron, University of the District of Columbia

isabella igims, Carlow University

olivia ildefonso, CUNY Graduate Center

qadri ismail, University of Minnesota

jack jackson, Whitman College

ariana jacob, Portland State University

rana jaleel, University of California, Davis

jennifer jettner, Auburn University

ryan jobson, University of Chicago

christina johnson, Kingsborough Community College

james johnson, University of Rochester

marcus jr, Georgetown University

raymond jr., Washburn University

tony jugé, Pasadena City College

tony jugé, Pasadena City College

khalid kadir, UC Berkeley

caren kaplan, UC Davis

marion kaplan, NYU

rebecca karl, New York University

thomas karr, Wayne State University

brian katz, CUNY Kingsborough

mark kear, University of Arizona

marco keiluweit, University of Massachusetts Amherst

joseph kellner, University of California, Berkeley

nancy kendall, University of Wisconsin-Madison

arang keshavarzian, New York University

reabeka king-reilly, Kingsborough Community College

scott kirsch, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

david klein, California State University Northridge

gail kligman, UCLA

jasleen kohli, UCLA School of Law

jeffrey kolnick, Southwest Minnesota State University

charalampos konstantinidis, University of Massachusetts Boston

anna kornbluh, UIC

anna kornbluh, UIC

sina kramer, Loyola Marymount University

chenjerai kumanyika, Rutgers University

vera kutzinski, Vanderbilt University

kacie lach, carlow university

michael lansing, Augsburg University

s. lee, New York University

haruna lee, New York University

natasha lennard, The New School

sara lennox, University of Massachusetts Amherst

lauren leve, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

kate levin, University of Southern California

karen lewis, Kingsborough Community College

wendy li, University of Wisconsin-Madison

lissette linares, University of Nebraska at Omaha

ronnie lipschutz, University of California Santa Cruz

deborah little, Adelphi University

catherine liu, University of California, Irvine

kelsey lizotte, Rutgers University

johana londoño, University at Albany, SUNY

nicole lopez-jantzen, City University of New York, Borough of Manhattan Community College

eric lott, CUNY Graduate Center

alex lubin, Penn State

ashley lucas, University of Michigan

caroline luce, UCLA

stephanie luce, CUNY

lara maisch, St. Petersburg College

bashar malkawi, University of Arizona

curry malott, West Chester University of Pennsylvania

jared margulies, University of Alabama

jean-paul martinon, Goldsmiths College, London

eric martinsen, Ventura College

amanda matles, The City University of New York, Graduate Center

wendy matsumura, UC San Diego

tomas matza, University of Pittsburgh

lida maxwell, Boston University

anna mccarthy, NYU

sophia mcclennen, The Pennsylvania State University

prof. mccormick, U. Chicago

austin mccoy, Auburn University

caitlin mcdonnell, CUNY

meghan mcdowell, Winston Salem State Univeristy

benjamin mckean, Ohio State University

yates mckee, Parsons School of Design

susan mcleod, University of California, Santa Barbara

james mcmaster, University of Wisconsin-Madison

james mcmaster, University of Wisconsin-Madison

dr. mcmorris, Kingsborough Community College

david menefee-libey, Pomona College

cecilia menjivar, UCLA

michael meranze, UCLA

marcus merritt, Eastern Michigan University

kristina meshelski, Cal State Northridge

frann michel, Willamette University

aria middleton-chiodo, Rutgers University

ruth milkman, CUNY Graduate Center

mark miller, New York University

kara miller, Carlow University

sarah miller-davenport, University of Sheffield

sean milligan, Grand Valley State University

lauren minsky, New York University

prof. mintz, CUNY Kingsborough Community College

michele mitchell, New York University

adam miyashiro, Stockton University

satya mohanty, Cornell University

marie monaco, New York University

manijeh moradian, Barnard College, Columbia University

patrice morgan, Kingsborough Community College

andrea morrell, Guttman Community College CUNY

patricia morton, University of California, Riverside

kate moss, CUNY School of Professional Studies

guy mount, Auburn University

bill mullen, Purdue Univeristy

dennis mumby, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

ineke murakami, University at Albany, SUNY

christian nagler, University of California, Berkeley

erika nanes, University of Southern California

marcelo neto, University of California Santa Cruz

christopher newfield, University of California at Santa Barbara

steve newman, Temple University

sianne ngai, University of Chicago

matthew nichter, Rollins College

golnar nikpour, Dartmouth College

mary nolan, NYU

donald nonini, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

paul north, Yale

joseph north, Yale University

joanne nucho, Pomona College

xangela nyu, NYU

elinor ochs, UCLA

ian olasov, Brooklyn College

jennifer oliveri, KCC

bertell ollman, N.Y.U.

dara orenstein, George Washington University

dara orenstein, George Washington University

julie orlemanski, University of Chicago

frank ortiz, Temple University

liska ostojic, Boston University

martha otis, University of Miami

max page, University of Massachusetts Amherst

sonali pahwa, University of Minnesota

michael palm, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

crystal parikh, New York University

hope parisi, City University of New York

k-sue park, Georgetown

bruce parrott, The Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies

andrew paul, University of North Carolina Asheville

julia paynter, Carlow University

marijayne peer, Carlow University

ann pellegrini, New York University

lydia pelot-hobbs, New York University

eda pepi, Yale University

alexandra perisic, University of Miami

william pestle, University of Miami

patrice petro, UC Santa Barbara

steven phd, Northwestern University

joanna picciotto, UC Berkeley

erin pineda, Smith College

jennifer pitts, University of Chicago

ulrich plass, Wesleyan University

sasha plotnikova, Cal Poly Pomona

dana polan, NYU

susan politics, Saint Mary's College of CA

miriam posner, University of California, Los Angeles

theodore prassinos, Wayne State University

jedediah purdy, Columbia University Law School

david quijada, Saint Mary's College of California

kareem rabie, American University

melissa ragain, Montana State University

michael ralph, New York University

jason read, University of Southern Maine

raphi rechitsky, National University

ellen reese, UC-Riverside

henry reichman, California State University, East Bay

henry reichman, California State University, East Bay

tiana reid, Columbia University

arsenia reilly-collins, CUNY School of Labor Studies

terence renaud, Yale University

sara rendell, University of Pennsylvania

michael rios, UC Davis

takeo rivera, Boston University

michael roberts, San Diego State University

miguel robles-duran, The New School

karly rodriguez, New York University

doris rogalla, University of Leipzig, Germany

jerome roos, London School of Economics

brian rosa, Queens College, CUNY

ellen rothenberg, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago

sergio ruelas, University of Illinois at Chicago

gayle ruskin, undefined

kylee ryan, Carlow University

william saas, Louisiana State University

sheeva sabati, University of California, Santa Cruz

sheeva sabati, University of California, Santa Cruz

leslie salzinger, UC Berkeley

olivier salès, University of Miami

zach samalin, University of Chicago

dean saranillio, New York University

patricia sauthoff, University of Alberta

jeremy sawyer, Kingsborough Community College, CUNY

allison schifani, University of Miami

naomi schiller, Brooklyn College CUNY

trebor scholz, The New School

heike schotten, University of Massachusetts Boston

sarah schulman, College of Staten Island, City University of New York

zach schwartz-weinstein, Independent Scholar

susan schweik, UC Berkeley

nilgun secer, Kingsborough Community College

danielle seid, Baruch College

s. shankar, U of Hawaii

nitasha sharma, Northwestern University

taylor shelton, Mississippi State University

todd shepard, Johns Hopkins University

susan shepler, American University

setsu shigematsu, University of California, Riverside

mira shimabukuro, University of WA Bothell

steven shipman, New College of Florida

professor sholette, Queens College City University of New York

ira shor, City Univ. of NY Grad Center

fran shor, Wayne State University

christian siener, Barnard College

zaire simone, Zaire Simone

nikhil singh, NYU

william sites, University of Chicago

jeffrey skoller, UC Berkeley

tad skotnicki, University of North Carolina, Greensboro

graham slater, University of Nevada, Reno

douglas smit, University of Pennsylvania

paul smith, George Mason U

nancy smith, Pratt Institute

sara-maria sorentino, The University of Alabama

andrew spieldenner, California State University - San Marcos

carol spreen, New York University

heather steffen, Rutgers University

david steigmann, University of California

david stein, UCLA

jessie stein, CUNY Graduate Center

jack stenner, University of Florida

abigail stewart, University of Michigan

ian straughn, University of California, Irvine

marita sturken, New York University

celina su, City University of New York

andrew szegedy-maszak, Wesleyan University

molly talcott, California State University, Los Angeles

ethan taylor, UNCG

timothy taylor, Middlebury


rei terada, University of California, Irvine

hans thomalla, Northwestern University

silvea thomas, Kingsborough College - Brooklyn, New York 11235

sinclair thomson, New York University

christy thornton, Johns Hopkins University

chris tilly, UCLA

angela tiura, Wayne State University

angela tocci, Carlow University

christien tompkins, Rutgers University New Brunswick

jesse torgerson, Wesleyan University

prof. uleman, New York University

lauren utterback, Portland State University

ivonne valle, U.C. Berkeley

monica varsanyi, CUNY Graduate Center

cristina venegas, UCSB

katherine verdery, CUNY Graduate Center

richard vernon, UNC, Chapel Hill

marques vestal, UCLA

savin vilus, kingsborough community college

david vine, American University

eirene visvardi, Wesleyan University

gayle wald, George Washington University

roger waldinger, UCLA

andrea wallace, University of Exeter

glenn wallis, Incite Seminars

rachel walls, Rachel Walls

red washburn, CUNY Kingsborough

sarah wasserman, University of Delaware

ryan watson, Misericordia University

michael watts, UC Berkeley

marsha weinraub, Temple University

margot weiss, Wesleyan University

kirsten weld, Harvard University

kathryn wells, Georgetown University

jon wiener, UC Irvine

mabel wilson, Columbia University

gabriel winant, University of Chicago

angelika winner, Lehman College

william winter, Kingsborough Community College

serena witzke, Wesleyan University

todd wolfson, Rutgers University

joel woller, Carlow University, Pittsburgh

jason wozniak, West Chester University

wendy wright, William Paterson University

cynthia wu, Indiana University

sunny xiang, Yale University

midori yamamura, Kingsborough Community College, CUNY

samantha ying, UC Riverside

shamoon zamir, New York University Abu Dhabi

molly zapp, Northern Vermont University-Johnson

min zhou, University of California, Los Angeles

angela zito, NYU

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